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Tackle tough topics without worry.





Okay, now— hear me out.
If kids own smartphones or eavesdrop on adults, then they’ve seen or overheard the news.


We’re facing topics like guns, race, power, religion, oppression, privilege, money, war, police, and protests…and the list goes on. 
The reality is that these topics are NO LONGER off-limits—they’re here and already impacting our kids, homes, and communities every single day.

Here's the thing.

You may not talk about Roe v. Wade with a 5-year-old, but you should talk about women’s rights, consent, and the importance of voting in your Kindergarten classrooms. 

But I know it's easier said than done.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s 2020 murder, businesses created equity statements, books about race and racism were flying off the shelves, and schools couldn’t get enough cultural sensitivity training.

Everyday Americans were pledging their commitment to address long-standing racial inequities.

It felt revolutionizing!

How things have changed.

Today— at least 36 states have introduced laws to restrict schools from talking about the race and identity.
❌ Companies are walking back their commitments to equity. 
❌ Black books are being banned.
❌ Equity training has come and gone in some places.

Unfortunately, schools and teachers are left confused about how to pick up the pieces and how fully prepare students for the social complexities of the world without having a political shit-storm on their hands! 
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  • Serve more of your community and increase enrollment.

  • Double the number of teachers of color in your school.

  • Feel the relief from penny pitching once and for all!

  • Get a plan that works for you and make it YOUR PLAN.

  • Have happier teams that work together.

  • Clarify your instructional leadership goals.

  • Norm your classrooms.

  • Make joyful and challenging work accessible to all.

  • Get practical resources that help you educate your families on current events.

  • Talk about the hard stuff.

  • Own the internal shifts and environmental changes that create culturally connected classrooms

  • Build a foundational vision for advancing racial and social equity in classrooms. 

  • Engage parents and board members.

  • Get the support you need so that you can SHOW UP!





Inside the Learning Intensive


  • Identify program goals and priorities.

  • Design a plan for the year with a clear monitoring system.

  • Center the voices in your community.

  • Rethink routine practices that don't speak your communities' language.

  • Claim core values that advance equity and belonging.  


  • Celebrate yourself and explore all of your cultural identites.

  • Become a navigator for historically excluded communities.

  • Dare discomfort in a safe space and grieve old and outdated visions.

  • Learn how to create a mindset shift for yourself and your team.

  • Develop a community curated tracker for building cultural knowledge.


  • Tackle tough and timely topics with students, staff, and families.

  • Practice using a discussion protocol that will value all the voices.

  • Develop an instructional leadership practice for classroom norming.

  • Make rigorous learning equitable for all.

  • Implement equal status and cultural responsibility in every classroom.

12 weeks of ongoing support

January 2023 (Spring) 
Week 1: Learning Intensive #1
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session
Week 3: Implementation Support (Goals and Priorities, Classroom Core Values, and Communication Strategy)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session

February 2023 (Spring)
Week 1: Learning Intensive #2
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session

Week 3: Implementation Support (Reflective Practices and Cultural Tracker)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session

March 2023 (Spring)

Week 1: Learning Intensive #3
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session
Week 3: Implementation Support (Calibrating Classrooms, Rigor and Relevance Feedback, and Talk Circles)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session


Spring Registration Open Now.
Closing on Jan. 7th


testimonials & Reviews

from our clients, students, and readers

The work we’re doing with Dr. Fletcher is vital, I am grateful to listen to her experiences and learn more about supporting BIPOC in our classroom. As a member of a few marginalized communities, myself, I find it absolutely imperative to discuss ‘the hard stuff’ with young children, because if we never discuss it there is a good chance that many of them will pick up on microaggressions they see out in the world or be ill-equipped to ask questions or handle situations as they grow, given how prevalent racism, bigotry, and oppression is in the world today.

- Kirsti,

Montessori School Co-founder and Teacher Leader

We are very grateful for your support of our work and your challenge to us to “go there!” even when we were nervous, uncertain, and worried about making a mistake. We look forward to continuing to share our thinking and planning with you and appreciate your guidance and “mirror holding” in helping us see what we may not, at first, be able to see ourselves.

- Jonathan,

Head of Middle School

This book is a true game changer! Every leader, teacher, school district and the like needs this book! The children that we service deserve the very best of us and the only way we can give that to them is to better ourselves! I have recommended this book to every educator I could. If you're looking for a captivating, research backed, educational book this is a must!

- Tiffany,

Special Educator

"You are such a phenomenal speaker and personality, and more importantly, I adored what you said to us. You had me (and I think everyone else) at every single word, and we are so lucky that we were able to start the year with such a positive but challenging intention as you set for us. Thank you so much for your presentation

- Jessica,

Teacher Leader

Dr. Fletcher is an exemplar when it comes to leading this work through the critical lens of race, power, and class. She possesses tremendous gifts as a communicator when addressing the importance of striving for educational equity in a city where our challenges are rooted in poverty, born out of centuries of injustice.


Former Superintendent

This is such a crucial foundation for an affirming & culturally relevant educational experience - the kind that Black and Brown students deserve. This book is full of research, personal experiences, and thought provoking questions that will have schools, parents, and community members reflecting on the values and norms of our spaces - and ensuring that students have a seat at the table in crafting new values and norms. 

- Caroline,

Success Coach

After reading Dr. Fletcher’s book "In All Lanes" and participating in the book study, it has made me more aware of the inequalities and obstacles that black and brown students have faced in our education system. These are difficult conversations. It made me realize just how important it is to impart independence, confidence, and a strong sense of self in our youngest students. Maybe this one small step will help our future generation to address and change social inequalities and live peacefully with one another.”

- Terri,

Montessori Teacher

As an educator, I cannot tell you the number of “quick fixes” I was given to address behavior and classroom management growing pains I experienced as a novice teacher. In this book, you will not see the quick gimmick or band-aid solutions, but instead an in-depth and thoughtful approach to what it takes to reimagine school, specifically for black and brown students. One of the powerful assertions made by the author is “behaviors are relative to their environments” and this foundational argument lays the groundwork for important elements taught throughout the book.

- Gary,

Coach and Consultant



Learn how to implement culturally relevant pedagogical practices! 

Teach any (and every) learner that comes your way!

One-and-done training works only to do ONE thing… and that’s to check a box. Deepening your instructional leadership capacity through an equity lens, and implementing culturally responsive and relevant practices in your school is a transformative shift in your school’s climate and culture.

No more falling through the cracks! NO more “no news is good news”. Our coaching models offers frequent feedback, group coaching support, and 24/7 access to our team to keep you on the path towards crushing your goals!

Get practical and proven action steps you can use right away. There’s no need reinventing a wheel that doesn’t work! That’s why we provide Know Better Do Better Action Steps, which are essential to your execution plan.

Set, achieve, and sustain your goals and serve as a model for advancing social and racial equity! Our private learning community is here to motivate, inspire, and educate!

Build your school’s leadership capacity and cultivate the next generation of diverse (student) leaders!

Coach holistically, develop positive teacher interactions, and feel confident having difficult conversations that push the instructional vision forward.

Build your school’s leadership capacity and cultivate the next generation of diverse (student) leaders!


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