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"School needs a cultural reboot—

a hard reset to reimagine any traditional norms and outdated practices
that keep young people limited and without multicultural reach in the world."  - Dr. Taryn Fletcher





All school types need to rethink how classrooms function and behave to advance equity and prioritize belonging.

You need a pivot.

(Not just any pivot!)

A power pivot.

Grab my quick guide to 9 POWER PIVOTS that help you increase enrollment, implement culturally responsive teaching, and serve more families in your community.

What's the pivot your organization needs to make, TODAY?

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get started...


Get the support you need.

The key, to cultivating the next generation of diverse thinkers and leaders, is establishing school systems that:

  1. value their students’ communities and cultures

  2. understand their students’ cultural differences and bring those cultures into the learning environment

  3. dissolve any cultural disconnect in the classroom, in order to activate the highest levels of engagement and empowerment for ALL students.

The gaps we see in African American, Native American, and Latinx student populations persist year over year, as a result of the educational learning environment NOT reflecting their primary value systems, and instead, favoring traditional Eurocentric, white-dominant, middle-class norms and culture.

So, what are you doing about this?

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Access a plan and pathway forward.

Our 9-step framework and targeted training helps you make the pivot from status quo to more action, intention, and focused community approach to school. Our training plan and pathways help you establish solid instructional leadership through an equity lens, in your schools.

Learn how to implement culturally relevant and responsive practices in every classroom... 


(...with every learner that comes your way).

Training and support includes:


Leadership Retreat for planning your strategy goals, and priorities.


LIVE virtual trainings for strengthening equity and belonging


Q and A Group Coaching Calls and Feedback Sessions


Months of access to materials during your implementation phase


Supportive community of like-minded educators (from other states).

  • Serve more of your community and increase enrollment.

  • Double the number of teachers of color in your school.

  • Feel the relief from penny pitching once and for all!

  • Get a plan that works for you and make it YOUR PLAN.

  • Have happier teams that work together.

  • Clarify your instructional leadership goals.

  • Norm your classrooms.

  • Make joyful and challenging work accessible to all.

  • Get practical resources that help you educate your families on current events.

  • Talk about the hard stuff.

  • Own the internal shifts and environmental changes that create culturally connected classrooms

  • Build a foundational vision for advancing racial and social equity in classrooms. 

  • Engage parents and board members.

  • Get the support you need so that you can SHOW UP!







Inside the Learning Intensive


  • Identify program goals and priorities.

  • Design a plan for the year with a clear monitoring system.

  • Center the voices in your community.

  • Rethink routine practices that don't speak your communities' language.

  • Claim core values that advance equity and belonging.  


  • Celebrate yourself and explore all of your cultural identites.

  • Become a navigator for historically excluded communities.

  • Dare discomfort in a safe space and grieve old and outdated visions.

  • Learn how to create a mindset shift for yourself and your team.

  • Develop a community curated tracker for building cultural knowledge.


  • Tackle tough and timely topics with students, staff, and families.

  • Practice using a discussion protocol that will value all the voices.

  • Develop an instructional leadership practice for classroom norming.

  • Make rigorous learning equitable for all.

  • Implement equal status and cultural responsibility in every classroom.

12 weeks of ongoing support

January 2023 (Spring) 
Week 1: Learning Intensive #1
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session
Week 3: Implementation Support (Goals and Priorities, Classroom Core Values, and Communication Strategy)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session

February 2023 (Spring)
Week 1: Learning Intensive #2
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session

Week 3: Implementation Support (Reflective Practices and Cultural Tracker)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session

March 2023 (Spring)

Week 1: Learning Intensive #3
Week 2: Group Q and A Coaching Session
Week 3: Implementation Support (Calibrating Classrooms, Rigor and Relevance Feedback, and Talk Circles)
Week 4: Group Q and A Coaching Session


Spring Registration Open Now.
Closing on Jan. 7th


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