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- Dr. Taryn Fletcher




I get it. You want to increase enrollment, hire diverse talent to teach at your school, and serve MORE families from your community. 

​But the truth is...

  • Student enrollment is low and it continues to drop since the pandemic.

  • When new families tour the school, they tend to have more needs, and you wonder if your teachers can truly meet those needs.

  • There's been some staff turnover and you can't find good teachers anywhere!

  • You want to hire more teachers of color; however, the last teacher of color you hired, quit after 48 hours— saying, I'll never come back here! You can't help but wonder what you're doing wrong.

  • You want to serve more families from your community; however, you don't know why they're NOT choosing you.

  • You're afraid that serving a more diverse community will result in traditional students leaving— and you can't risk another enrollment loss.

  • Your board is on your back!

  • You can feel the increasing need for a change, but you don't know what to do.


You need a pivot.


Download my 9 Power Pivots that help increase enrollment, train your teams, and prioritize equity and belonging. 

Are you ready to pivot from the status quo to a more active, intentional, community-focused approach?


Discover if you're willing to let go of outdated ideas about integration, and step into a new vision that helps define what it looks and feels like to be a student and family of color in your school.

Grab your guide now. Time is ticking.

And remember... inclusivity is an asset.




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Kids want to talk about the hard stuff.

If kids own smartphones or eavesdrop on adults, then they’ve seen or overheard the news.

Yes— and the news is overwhelming and intimidating enough, so discussing it is that much harder.

However, we can’t continue to ignore the need for “The Talk” about the hard stuff.


It’s one way to keep our kids and school communities safe. 


“The Talk” can cover a range of subjects now that our world is more complex than ever.


All kids need “The Talk”— they need clarity about what's happening around them and how it impacts their future.


Topics like guns, race, power, religion, oppression, privilege, money, war, police, and protests…and the list goes on— are NO LONGER off-limits because they're already impacting our kids, us, and our communities on a daily basis. 


If it felt “too taboo” to talk about anything on the news before Uvalde, things are quite different now. 

You need a pivot.


Use The Talk Circle Cheatsheet, and start talking about the hard stuff with your kids and families.


Let's boost your tough-convo confidence, today! 



Download the Free Action Guide Here!

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