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You Are More Than Your Title

Summer is in FULL swing and if you’re like many teachers you’re feeling like “HECK YES!! I can finally relax !” but also feeling the need to justify why you’re shopping at Target at 11 AM on a Tuesday. We live in a world where we feel so much pressure to do things in a certain way that we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves. The fear of fighting back against this pressure and trusting in ourselves creates a system of imposter syndrome and limits our understanding of our own abilities. If your mission is to make an accepting, welcoming, and inclusive community where you live we don’t have time or space for self-doubt. 

On this week’s podcast, I’m digging into the history of Juneteenth, talking about the damaging effects of imposter syndrome limiting yourself to your title, and giving you a great resource to make connections and overcome your self-doubt.


Juneteenth has only been recognized as a federal holiday in recent years. If you’re not familiar, this holiday recognizes the legal end to slavery in the United States. On the podcast, I provide more depth surrounding history of this holiday and how recognizing importance as an individual was KEY in finally making slavery illegal. 

Imposter Syndrome

If you’ve never heard this term, imposter syndrome is when a high-achieving person believes that they are insufficient in some way, shape, or form. As you can imagine, living with self-doubt like this can be limiting when it comes to making progress in your career, life, and community. I’ll be touching on why we need to ditch the imposter syndrome and embrace all the good work we’re doing.

More than ‘JUST’

Hand in hand with imposter syndrome is reducing ourselves to JUST. It’s far too common to refer to ourselves as just a teacher, just a Mom, just a fill-in-the-blank. While this might seem casual and insignificant, it is not. Speaking about our role - in life, our career, and our community - creates a reductive perspective on the importance of what we actually do each day and limits future possibilities for our achievements as well. This episode will tap into how to change your perspective of yourself and continue making progress.

13 Questions for Connection

Feeling empowered and intrigued? Good, you should! I round out the podcast by giving you a list of 13 questions that you can ask yourself, your coworkers, and even strangers, with the goal of generating authentic conversation and realizing how varied your skill sets are! 

Snag the questions and a whole lot more - take a listen to the latest episode of my podcast, Cheers to Your Pivot 🎧


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