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Why We Fear Strong Women

I left my dream job because my boss wanted me to shrink myself and play small in order to fit in. At first glance my boss appeared to be poised and confident, while later proving to be callous and incompetent. She led a pretty dysfunctional team. Even though she knew I could lead, she created barrier after barrier and trauma after trauma, requiring me to jump through insane hoops, simply to do the job she needed me to do.

To this day I wonder why, because some days I forget how simple the answer to my wonder really is. I am a strong woman, and she was still working on finding her strength. She was not ready to be in the presence of a woman with a voice, a clear direction, and decisiveness. Instead of bonding us together over the vision and future we knew were possible, she held me at arms length for fear that I would snatch her piece of the pie. She created division within her own teams. My boss had been hurt in her past, so she knew how to hurt others.

This is an example of how some women are uncomfortable with strong women. Although a woman can desire a life of options, independence, strength, and power for themselves— this may be a desire they have for themselves only— and they fear what comes when those freedoms are afforded to other women.


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