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Tackle Tough and Timely Topics without worry

Last night I talked to my two school-aged children about the Texas school shooting. Just a few days ago, we talked about Buffalo, NY. It is all so sad and frustrating.

My 6-year-old expressed fear and sadness. She asked if she should still go to school. I told her yes because school is very safe, in general. She acknowledged that her teacher was an all-star teacher and that she would keep her safe. I love that she trusts her teacher. She trusts her school.

However, I told her that listening to her teacher when practicing any drills at school was extremely important. Those drills could save her life. We prayed together. She was the one who started the prayer. At bedtime, she lay beside me— skin to skin tucked up under my arm. My 15-year-old was quiet and numb. Our conversation was separate from the younger's, but still just as hard to have. Together we prayed before bed. I initiated the prayer. He slept pretty restlessly. Finally, falling asleep around 2 am. Unfortunately, he has seen and heard the horror of mass school shootings many, many times before. That alone will keep you up at night. I, too, was up until at least 3 am. My stomach is still in knots. Frankly, my heart pours out for those mothers and families missing their babies right now. Listen, I don't know if I got yesterday's conversation right. Yet, I know it was needed. This morning, we all woke to the norms of hustle and bustle. The younger excited about today's special snack at school. The older, groggy per usual. My husband and I were still feeling yesterday's news throughout our bodies. However, the kids were ready to tackle another day. They are so so resilient. Here is a resource to help you talk about yesterday with your kids.

It is also helpful when tackling tough and timely topics in general. There are 15 tips that span ages 5 to 25. Each tip makes it a bit easier to talk about the hard stuff.

Please use this resource and share it, if helpful.

No email address is needed to download. You can simply grab the PDF and go use it. Today, be gentle with yourself. It is not a normal day. Prayers and action for those babies and families in Texas. Sending my love your way.


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