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Fearless Transformation. Now.

So, I was reading this book called, The Conversation, by Robert Livingston. Have you read it? Well, right off the bat, he offers interesting data on how most Americans share the same beliefs about equity. Livingston cites a 2019 survey that found most Americans— 96% of Black, 93% of Hispanic, and 93% of white Americans— all agree that in order for a country to reach its fullest potential, all individuals, regardless of race or gender, need equity in education, equal economic opportunities, and social justice. So what holds us back from prioritizing the very changes we all know we need? Perplexing stuff, right? I pondered after putting down the book, and after a few client check ins, it all made sense. Although each client had different life experiences, they all were in search of the very same thing. A change. Each felt stuck and status quo— they weren’t doing the things that made them feel amazing and purposeful, or fulfilled. Instead, they were doing what was expected of them— what was traditional, safe, and "the norm". In order for them to reach their fullest potential— they needed to pivot. But they didn’t know how or where to begin. And truth be told, they had already confessed that even if they knew what to do, they were too afraid to do it. (That’s why they were working with me.) So… there it was… fear. Fear of the unknown.

Which brings me back to the survey— with over 90% of Americans agreeing that we need more equity— perhaps, we’re a country who doesn’t know how to change. We continue operating an outdated vision, instead of creating a new one.

Even with hundreds of DEI trainers and experts, like myself, out there ready and willing to teach us how, as a nation, we’re just too afraid to actually do it— to implement what works.

America needs a cultural reboot. And, maybe you need a Life Reboot™. So, instead of asking the question, what holds us back from prioritizing what we know we need? We need to ask our brain different questions. Here are two I would ask: 👉🏾 What vision have you held on to that no longer serves who you are today? 👉🏾 What’s the pivot you need to make in order to reach your fullest potential? Tell me, I’m curious. When we ask our brains different questions, we begin to seek different solutions. That’s why it’s helpful to work with a coach, so that you can get out of your own way. For those you, new to my work, I’m Dr. Taryn Fletcher. I’m a life and leadership coach, bestselling author, and award-winning educator. I help change-makers, like yourself, to make a pivot and evolve to their next chapter. As a former New Jersey superintendent, I’ve been transforming schools for almost 2 decades! I had a thriving career before starting my coaching business— so I know what it feels like to have to grieve an old vision of yourself and your career. I’m also a mother— who had to grieve the vision I had of my son, after learning his Down syndrome diagnosis. I get it. It’s hard to pivot. Especially when those old visions are all you know. However, I help people to pivot— that’s what I do. And when we work together, you’ll choose the adventure and I will help you clear the path to get there. Whether you’re a school leader in need of a team transformation, or someone seeking a greater life purpose… all you need to know is that a change is necessary. I will help you through the rest. XO,


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