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Equity in Action: Where Are You NOT Practicing Intentional Inclusivity?

We’ve all that that moment. You know the one I’m talking about - when you do or say something at work and think “Did I really just SAY that?”. So often we let these little moments go by with little more than that thought but the truth is, these can be when you spend a little more time feeling uncomfortable and thinking about what you did or said that didn’t feel quite right, it reveals a whole lot more about how you’re working and how you WANT to work.

Equity and Inclusion DEMANDS Intentionality

When you’re an equity and inclusion warrior you already KNOW that your work is going against long-established - and I mean LONG - societal norms and expectations. We have been operating at (or below) the status quo in the country for way too long. If you don’t believe me (but I bet you do since you’re reading this newsletter) take a look at the leadership at your school or your children’s school; check out the lineup of folks - ahem, men! - who have run this country, even look at the people running the hospital or clinic you go to. There is a common denominator; there is a lack of women and people of color present.

As people who do the work of equity and inclusion, it is important to know what you’re working for and work with intentionality. This means making active decisions in everything you do as a leader to elevate your end goal of making our workplaces, schools, and world, a more welcoming place for all.

All that said, it is EASY to get sidetracked, derailed, and distracted. Here’s how to keep intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of your day to day work! 👇🏿

Step back and evaluate.

Frequent self-reflection and evaluation are key when it comes to progress. Allowing yourself the space and grace to step back and identify the things you’re doing that do not directly or intentionally serve your work is so important to continued growth and success as a leader.

Let it go.

This one is hard. Letting go of the way you’ve done things can be tough, but if it’s not serving your goal of creating an inclusive, supportive environment for all people - what are you doing? Spend your time wisely and let go of the things that are no longer helping you achieve your goals.

Make the shift.

Now just do it. Easier said than done, but when you know something isn’t working for you or helping you accomplish your work, why keep doing it? Making the shift requires support and guidance, so getting yourself a guide (oh heyyyyy!) to accompany you on this journey will be so important.

Want more advice on identifying where intentionality is lacking and how to make a life shift? Take a listen to the latest episode of my podcast, Cheers to Your Pivot 🎧


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