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Making Empowered Decisions

Happy June and happy summer- I’m bringing you a brand new episode of my Cheers to Your Pivot podcast to celebrate!

I love a new season because it is a natural time in the year for self-reflection and making changes. But sometimes that change can give you a record scratch moment like - wait what?! I thought things would be different by this time.

If you’re feeling like something needs to change in your life but you’re also feeling STUCK by the weight of making a decision to actually change things for the better, you are in the right place. Let’s dive into freeing yourself from the guilt of feeling directionless.

Empowered Decisions: Freeing Yourself from the Guilt of Feeling Directionless

Why Making Decisions is Difficult

Making big life decisions is stressful. Why? Two reasons:

1️⃣It means that we have to come to terms with the fact that something - or many things - in our life are not going how we hoped they would go. This could be realizing that your relationship is no longer serving you in the way you hoped it would or your career is headed down a path that you don’t feel great about. No matter what kind of change you’re facing, it’s difficult to accept that things aren’t picture-perfect.

2️⃣Impact. No matter, if you’re married, single, a parent, or caring for yourself, making a decision, will always have an impact. The weight of this responsibility can cause a lot of guilt about how others will be impacted by our choices.

Guilt Isn’t Always BAD

Here’s the good news. That guilt you’re feeling about making a big change in your life? It can actually be a GOOD thing. Healthy guilt (emphasis on HEALTHY!!) helps you keep things in perspective. It encourages self-awareness and moral development. By carefully considering the way your choices will impact those around you, you are engaging in a thoughtful, reflective process of making the best possible decision for yourself to move forward.

Freeing Yourself from the Guilt of Feeling Directionless

So how do you make empowered decisions? 

1️. Harness the healthy guilt.

2️. Identify the facts and impacts of your potential decisions.

3️. Choose one thing to make a decision about and DO IT.

Want more advice on making decisions that will help you feel empowered? Take a listen to the latest episode of my podcast, Cheers to Your Pivot 🎧


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