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3 Core Beliefs to Shift Your Career Path

Be someone who is NOT afraid to ask for help.

I don’t like to ask for help and I don’t know many women who do. However, in order to be a successful business leader, you have to ask for help and not be shy about it. Oprah once said, “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for”. Her words ring true. In 2020 I started writing my book, In All Lanes. It’s a guidebook for new leaders working with BIPOC students. During the writing phase, I asked my friend and editor for book launch ideas. Instead of her rattling off several suggestions that worked for past clients, she simply picked up the phone and made a call. Well, that call connected me to a fabulous black-owned bookstore who loved my book idea. They decided to pre-sell copies of my book and host an author’s event before the official launch. When I asked for help about launch ideas, in return, I got an entire prelaunch party plan that helped get my book out into the world.

Be nimble and experiment.

Nimble business leaders are the most successful, period. Why? The hardest lesson you will learn in business is that things take much longer than you think, and most of your ideas won’t even get off the ground. However, if you’re willing to test your ideas, experiment a little, and be nimble throughout your business journey, you will eventually learn what works for your clientele.

I remember when I was afraid to test my first course format. I was afraid to experiment while students were in my program. I thought experimenting meant that I was admitting to not knowing what I was doing. Although I had a ton of fears, I also had no other choice but to test. So, I tested the course format, going live each week. During this experiment, I found conflicts in my timing and communication. To solve this, I made a few pivots. The small adjustments I made week-to-week, made my course a huge success. Several students gave testimonies about how comfortable they felt in my course, and they could tell my team and I put an incredible amount of time in to make each session fresh and fun. I was afraid clients would not enjoy being a part of an experiment, but the truth is, they never knew they were even part of one. “This experiment” was really me being an attentive coach who listened to their feedback and made adjustments to keep them engaged. Now this course format is a key offering in my business.

Be decisive.

The law of attraction can be quickly summarized by this quote, “Don't be surprised how the universe aligns, once you have decided.” As a business owner and leader, I solve problems every single daily. Some problems are major debacles, and others are so minor, they are easily forgotten minutes later. Nonetheless, each problem requires a decision in order to move forward.

Weeks into me launching Truly POC, I was offered a large contract to work on a solo project with a major company. They loved my work and wanted to offer an enticing package to get me in their company full-time. It included a six figure benefits package, a few weeks vacation time, and a retirement plan. You might ask, what’s a girl to do? Well, the decision was to forgo this incredible offer. Coming to that decision was not easy. By having clarity in my business goals, I could be decisive, and then move on. Once I decided to say YES to running my business full-time, the universe opened up several opportunities for me to grow my business to six figures in the first six months.

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