You're a leader who wants to advance social equity, develop staff into cultural rockstars, and cultivate the next generation of diverse leaders.
But right now...

There are glaring inequities that literally keep you up at night.
You're feeling bogged down by adult and student conflicts, and overwhelmed by surmounting responsibility to fix what's broken in your school community.

Not to mention...
You need more than just "the usual" 2 to 3 staff members to help you build an equity-focused foundation, but that's all you've got— given teachers can't take "one more thing" on their plates.
Burnout is real, so staff call on YOU to manage their soured relationships and discipline issues.

Even though you're leading this work, you need support.   





You have systems that create connections in your school community— ready to go— for your hiring, onboarding, and coaching needs. 

You have peace of mind—  monthly, done for you, culturally responsive teaching workshops— packed with action steps, engagement strategies, and opportunities for thought-provoking discussions.

You belong to a community of like-minded professionals that catalyze change and set the foundation for equitable practices for years and years to come.

Imagine your program is THE MODEL for cultural responsibility,

and your school is THE HUB of your community.

Sounds too good to be true?

Then, let's talk today because we have your solution, and it's called




Now, let’s imagine you've got the exact support you need— and now you can develop a clear and bold strategic plan that embodies your vision and commitment to excellence and equity in your community.

Truly POC Evolution.


Truly POC Evolution is an exclusive and year-long, executive coaching and program design membership.


We provide executive leadership coaching and use a 9-step framework— with done for you, LIVE professional learning workshops, templates packed with know better do better action steps, and targeted tools that model best practices for designing equity-focused programs.

Others will teach you how to become aware,

we teach you to go beyond awareness and into action.


your teams!

With the right support and resources, you can:

in order to best support

need support,


  • Coach with confidence, calibrate your classrooms and make rigorous learning accessible to all your learners

  • Build foundational systems, align your priorities, and attract compelling talent

  • BE THE MODEL for equity-focused leadership, and create shared ownership of the internal and external shifts necessary for applying an equity lens 




ready, set, go!


Learning Intensives 
& LIVE workshops


 Coaching & Feedback calls with Dr. Taryn


Weekly Communications
with Tools & Templates


Proven and practiced framework to help you attract, train, and retain Cultural Rockstar


Access to our exclusive community & team support to help you crush your goals


real results from

Real leaders


Dr. Taryn is an exceptional leadership coach who knows how to push your thinking, challenge your perspectives, and transform your program— all while allowing you to own the entire process. She has this remarkable ability to firmly hold you accountable, while also nurturing your soul. And this is what I think sets her work apart from other coaches out there. Although Dr. Taryn comes with a wealth of instructional knowledge and experience, she's also a life coach who can help inspire your personal path towards goals you've once thought were out of reach, but now suddenly look so much closer and that much more attainable. Dr. Taryn's resources, tools, and materials have served as a primary influence on my leadership career thus far. To this day, I refer to her professional training, coaching guidance, and templates to help me further support my teachers and to perfect my craft.

- Lynette Reyes, Assistant Principal, Mastery Charter

Dr. Fletcher is an exemplar when it comes to leading this work through the critical lens of race, power, and class. She possesses tremendous gifts as a communicator when addressing the importance of striving for educational equity in a city where our challenges are rooted in poverty, born out of centuries of injustice. This is a particularly important quality when tending to teachers and coaches who come from a variety of different backgrounds and perspectives.

- Paymon Rouhanifard, CEO, Propel America

Thank you for recognizing the courageous leadership and modeling of these incredible middle school teachers and lifelong learners.
We are very grateful for you support of our work and your challenge to us to “go there!” even when we were nervous, uncertain, and worried about making a mistake.
We look forward to continuing to share our thinking and planning with you and appreciate your guidance and “mirror holding” in helping us see what we may not, at first, be able to see ourselves.

- Jonathan Huxtable, Head of Middle School, Wilmington Friends

This is such a crucial foundation for an affirming & culturally relevant educational experience - the kind that Black and Brown students deserve... full of research, personal experiences, and thought provoking questions that will have schools, parents, and community members reflecting on the values and norms of our spaces - and ensuring that students have a seat at the table in crafting new values and norms. 

- Caroline, Student Success Coach, GA

White teachers need to admit we don't know how to empower our Black and Brown students. I needed this support years ago, and so glad I have it now!

- Anna, Diversity Champion

and teacher, DE

This book is a true game changer! Every leader, teacher, school district and the like needs this book! The children that we service deserve the very best of us and the only way we can give that to them is to better ourselves! I have recommended this book to every educator I could. If you're looking for a captivating, research backed, educational book this is a must!

- Tiffany, US

I studied to become a teacher back in the early 80s, and this would have been so helpful for me and my fellow students.

- Susan, Homeschool parent and writer, CO

I had just a moment yesterday morning to tell you after your talk to the staff at SA how much I appreciated your words, so I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation in writing. You are such a phenomenal speaker and personality, and more importantly, I adored what you said to us. You had me (and I think everyone else) at every single word, and we are so lucky that we were able to start the year with such a positive but challenging intention as you set for us. Thank you so much for your presentation.

- Jessica, Sixth Grade Reading Teacher, DE


Why join Truly POC Evolution?

Truly POC Evolution is your solution to creating a foundation of
cultural responsibility, belonging, and community in your schools.

Get strategic planning guidance, school design collaboration,
and ongoing leadership coaching... 



Join for the VIP Vibes!

You can’t just call yourself a rockstar, you also need the ROCKSTAR Treatment! In the mastermind, you’re a VIP, and it’s our job to set you up for success! Our private learning community is here to motivate, inspire, and educate! By the end of this, you will be the model for how to teach any (and every) learner that comes your way!


Join for the Proven Practices!

Get practical and proven action steps you can use right away. There’s no need to reinvent a wheel that doesn’t work! That’s why we provide Know Better Do Better Action Steps, which are essential to your execution plan. With specific guidance and a game plan, you can support your teams’ development, improve their skills, and catalyze change!


Join for the Connectedness and Care!

In this mastermind, we follow up so you can follow through. No more falling through the cracks! NO more “no news is good news”. Our coaching models offer frequent feedback, group coaching support, and 24/7 access to our team to keep you on the path towards crushing your goals!


Join for the High-Touch Techniques!

One-and-done training works only to do ONE thing… and that’s to check a box. Deepening your instructional leadership capacity through an equity lens, and implementing culturally responsive and relevant practices in your school is a transformative shift in your school’s climate and culture.

There’s simply NO box to check when you’re actively advancing EQUITY!

Taryn Headshot

It’s time to be the disrupter

YOU want to be.

Don’t wait any longer to get the support that you need, in order to show up for your students and teachers.

I'll see you inside!


I’m Taryn, an author, educator—  and the former deputy superintendent of Camden City Schools, where I served over 6000 students and hundreds of teachers and leaders. I loved it— every, single, day was a perplexing puzzle to solve.


However, when the opportunity presented itself to take my instructional leadership skills to the masses, I wanted to do so using research, practicality, and my lived experiences to set a clear message about what’s needed in order to advance racial and social equity in schools.


I’ve been a classroom teacher, instructional coach, curriculum designer, and principal evaluator. I’ve also worked in higher education. I’ve also supported young adults in preparing for their first job in the healthcare and IT industries during the national pandemic.


I’m an expert in culturally relevant teaching pedagogy and wrote my dissertation on the subject. I most recently wrote a book that launched in March, during the height of deep racial unrest, while also homeschooling two children and breastfeeding a newborn. I was fired up and writing all hours of the night!


This year, a quarter of our educators considered leaving education, and for those who chose to stay, they still aren’t getting the support they need to successfully lead their rapidly changing classrooms and schools.


I want to make accessible, lengthy research on how we make rigorous learning more equitable to all! You deserve to learn this and I want to help you BE the disrupter YOU truly want to be.