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Take a bold step toward rewriting your story
and stepping into a new chapter.


Quick Question

If you held a mirror up to your leadership right now— what would that mirror say?

Would it say you were working in a way that aligned with your values?

Would it confirm that you know what you want?

That you understand and value the cultures and communities around you?

Or, would it say you are uncertain, and NOT living in your full purpose?

If you're ready to prioritize equity, proclaim purpose, and expand your leadership capacity, this is for you!

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I get it.

Watch my story.

What's the vision you need to grieve?


Your work


When you make your pivot, the world shifts for the better, too.



I help leaders and visionaries pivot and evolve to the next chapter.



I'm Dr. Taryn.

I'm a coach, author, and educator. 

My mission is to help women to pivot and evolve to your next chapter.


As a former Deputy Superintendent of a large school district in NJ, I know exactly what it feels like to reach "the top" and still be held hostage by red tape, bureaucracy, and barrier after barrier.


Even though I was the best at what I did, it wasn't until I let go of my old visions— that I could truly and finally impact the world the way I wanted, which was BOLDLY. INTENTIONALLY. AND EVERYDAY.

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Real Results





Time to lead your way— and serve the communities you're here to serve, and make the impact you want to make. 

  • Brazenly bypass the bureaucracies, the red tape, and all the hidden and personal agendas—and focus on your inner voice.

  • Be seen and heardfinally get what you need in order to show up mentally and physically— just how you've envisioned! 

  • Get direction, clarify your goals, and decide on the path forward and take action right away!

  • Communicate confidently— and set your boundaries with the people you work with and the people you love (yep- that part).


Lives are at stake.

As a change-maker, your work sits inside our biggest gaps in education and leadership.
  • Black students are suspended at higher rates.


  • Teachers are more likely to recommend preschool suspension when the child is Black, a boy, and bigger than his peers.


  • Black and brown communities are underrepresented in high-wage jobs, and overrepresented in low-wage work and unemployment.




shows we need a cultural reboot, if our work is going to ever matter.

Conditioning can block calling.

It takes courage to challenge outdated beliefs.

Release old patterns of thinking and truly adopt a mindset that allows you to impact more


So, if you're tired of the  barriers and endless ropes of red tape...


... and you’re ready to break free from an inherited vision and culture that never had your community's needs at heart...

...THEN let's do this!

Here is where you can make the pivot.
Support with me looks like.

Holistic, transformative, practical, and doable.


MONTHLY 1:1 Coaching 
to strategize your plan

In this space is where we will unpack old truths, breakdown barriers, and rethink what's been routine in your life. We'll have 1:1 time each month to focus on your goals and gain the clarity you need to carve a clear, but perhaps unconventional, path forward.


for partnering and feedback

Letting go, pledging purpose, and facing fears— they each feel good for a moment, until it all sinks in. I get it! When doubt that creeps in, you won't have to wait until our next monthly call. Connect about whatever it is right then and keep moving forward.


LEADERSHIP RETREATS for rejuvenation and connection.  

Every evolution we make as women must be celebrated. When we evolve, so does the world! Let's learn to lean on each other and better lead our spaces with humility, love, and sincere care. This retreat is a celebration of our transformation in the world. 



Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 2.59.11 PM.png

 Phase 1: Purpose

Let go of old visions and realize the true power you hold in your community and IN THE WORLD.
Although you may have an idea of what you want— you're held back by outdated identities, habits, and traditions.
It's time to declare what you want—without reservation, hesitation, or fear.
And so we begin with shedding old visions, in order to REBOOT for a new you!

Don't go into 2024
directionless, stagnant, and status quo.

The 2024 you've envisioned won't just start on December 31st.
What you do in these six months, 
will reflect what happens FOR YOU in the next six months.

The time to start planning is now.
Join Cheers To Your Pivot!

Our Clients Say

Victoria (3).jpg
"You can't afford NOT to work with Dr. Fletcher! She makes you feel so safe and comfortable— she's truly an expert at developing people. The results you'll experience will literally blow your mind— I'm making the greatest impact at work now, and it feels incredible!"

Dr. Victoria Elasic, Director of Admissions and Community Engagement



Your most Frequently Asked Questions are right here!

Find out about your program start date, coaching timeline, retreat details, pricing, etc. For any questions that you don't see answers to— we can chat about those over the phone, once you book your call.
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Cheers To Your Pivot
If you've got questions, I've got answers.

Who is this program for?
Leaders, visionaries, change-makers, and forward thinkers— (CEOs, Heads of Schools, district and network administrators, senior managers, directors, teacher-leaders, etc.) ​
What's included in the program?
  • One-on-one strategy sessions to dissect, breakdown, and plan for your specific situations in order to help you solve your most pressing problems, and evolve to your next chapter.
  • Weekly, individual, asynchronous accountability check-ins— this is your chance to collaborate, iterate, and thought-partner on your projects.
  • Monthly group coaching support so that you can build new perspectives while crafting your master plan.
  • (2) In-person leadership retreats held in November and May— think decadent cuisine, luxe cocktails, deep conversation, and the most magical connections with women who get you.
  • PLUS... there's even opportunities for you to grow your team with embedded ongoing professional learning that helps them build the stamina needed for the social justice work their doing alongside you in your communities.
Will I work with you or a coach from your team?
You will work 100% with me. 
How will we schedule our coaching calls?
We will create a schedule together that works within the coaching days outlined on my calendar and what's available in your schedule each month.
When does my coaching program start?
I have  just opened up a few more spots in my 1:1 coaching program, Cheers To Your Pivot. This is the only individualized coaching program that I will offer— so don’t go into 2024 directionless, stagnant, and status quo!
When is the retreat?
The Cheers To Your Pivot™ Strategic Networking Retreat will be held on November 18, 2023, and in 2024 the retreat will be held in May.
How many clients will you work with during this program?
This is a small and intimate group of roughly 25 leaders. The coaching program completely sold out in first year it was offered. So don't miss out. Year 2 will be just as magical, and it will fill up fast. Typically at least 95% of of my coaching clients continue working with me for 2-3 years because the support is exactly what they need to show up for their teams and communities.
What if I don’t already know what I want— is this program for me?
That's okay for now— but our work together will help to change that. No one deserves to walk about this earth feeling directionless, unsatisfied, stressed, and anxious. So let’s do this! You're so worthy of achieving your greatest potential— with a coach (and cheerleader, literally) by your side! 😃
I don’t think a life coach will work for me, so what if I can’t be helped?
Think about it like this: Have you ever wanted something for yourself but it felt too overwhelming to go after it? If so, you're not alone. There's so many people living with anxiety since the pandemic. Perhaps you’ve struggled with procrastination paralysis? At least 20% of us do! Or do you over analyze and pre-plan everything to the point of fearing any kind of failure? Research suggests that fear of failure is fairly common and widespread, affecting both adults and children. A life coach just helps you do life better— better balance, better belonging, and better bliss!
What if I don’t want to feel judged— is this program for me?
The relationship we build together will be based on trust, professionalism, and purpose, NOT shame, anger, or guilt. So, yes— this program is for you. 
What if I’m not sure I’m ready to change? 
What if? What if? What if???
When I hear what if, I hear fear. 🫣 Fear is a completely natural response to the unknown, but fear is meant to tell you when something is dangerous. So remember, if it’s NOT dangerous— and there's a chance it will change your life for the better, then do it afraid.
What if I feel like I can figure this out on my own?
Of course, you can tackle your career goals on your own— you can do anything you put your mind to! The decision to hire a coach is based on how effective you want to be and how fast and far you want to go.
What if I already work with a coach at my job?
I’d recommend you do a quick evaluation about how well you’re being supported. Is your coach also your boss? If so, is your boss too overworked, stretched out, and burned out to fully and holistically support you. Shoot, your boss may need a life coach, too!  I say— book your call and let's talk about! And invite your boss to book a call with me, too! ☎️ 

Client Transformation

Montessori school for the learning of children.jpg

Still have questions?

Let's talk about what's on your mind and find out if this program is the right fit for you.


Here's what happens next

1.  After you reserve your spot in the program, you'll receive a welcome email with a few details about the program.
2.  You’ll also receive an intake form for you to fill out and return back to me. The intake form helps me prepare the best experience for you.

Final Reminders
  • Only a few spots remaining.

  • The only cohort this year.

  • Don’t go into a new year directionless and status quo. 

  • Reserve your spot because you deserve it!

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