We teach forward-thinking, high-performing leaders how to attract, train, and retain cultural rockstars— teams that amplify voice, value inclusivity, and cultivate the next generation of diverse leaders.


We’ll help you live a bold vision for equity in education, out loud! And be the disruptor you want to be.


We’ll show you how to elevate engagement, accelerate student achievement, build greater capacity and sustainability, and BE THE MODEL for cultural responsiveness in your community.


We use a holistic coaching approach— training that transforms and expands your expertise, action-steps that advance social and racial equity, and targeted feedback that deepens your self-awareness— and our support is strategic, complete, and comprehensive— something that a patchwork of consultants just can’t deliver!




We love other people’s children like our own. 

Everyone is someone’s child. Therefore, even strangers are worthy and valuable to us. We create space for others to learn and grow, and we recognize that there is truth in their stories. 


Our success is measured by the success of others.

Although success is measured many ways, when our community and clients are successful, so are we.


Accountability is essential to impact.

We take personal responsibility. When we make mistakes, we apologize first. Then we correct it using targeted actions that create an even better result.


Freedom (to rethink the status quo) is our love language.

Even if something is trendy or has been done forever, it doesn’t mean we will replicate it. We give ourselves the freedom to rethink the status quo and then live our best solution out loud.


Clarity is power.

A clear vision, system, and communication process give us the power to scale.


Racial equity warriors create cultural rockstars.

You gotta be a warrior to be a rockstar. As warriors, we are brave disrupters and disciplined defenders-- able to defeat inequity through love and education. We are admired as “the best of the best” because of our dedication and drive for tomorrow’s possibilities.


Live with integrity and work with purpose.

We’re honest about the work that’s needed to make big goals happen. We won’t promise the moon, sun, and stars, nor sacrifice purpose, performance, capacity, or sustainability in order to try and be everything to our members.

origin story


As far back as I can remember, I craved social interaction. I loved sharing stories, engaging in conversation, and teaching new things. My eagerness to speak up would jolt my nervous system and rattle me until my words were out into the world. Not speaking up, was physically painful.


By second grade, I learned pretty quickly that my teachers rejected having an opinionated little person in the room. I was shushed often, and once my jaws were even squeezed to a shutter— pushing my loose tooth straight out of my mouth!  I was ordered, almost daily, to be seen and NOT heard.

By middle school, I became a pro at hiding my truth. I learned how to be silent and reticent, which easily gained validation from my teachers, indicating to me that silence with a smile was exactly what teachers wanted from me. The tape that played on repeat in my head said “you’re never enough or almost always too much, so just be quiet”.


By the time I was a teen, I knew how to play it small and I would overthink everything. I’d get subtle, consistent, and compounded reminders that would serve as my proof points that being mute equated to being liked, palatable, and acceptable. This permeated my mind.


It should be no surprise that I become an adult without a voice.


By my mid 20’s, I became a divorced mother, with a young black son to raise practically on my own. It was then that I finally realized I had to speak up and live my truth, be myself, share my story out loud, contribute my gifts to the world, and set an example for my son.


In my late 20’s, I became a principal and made a choice to put teachers that valued student voice and choice inside my classrooms. They’d eventually become my teacher leaders. I’d go on to become an award-winning school leader, superintendent, best-selling author, and CEO. And while rising the ranks, I shared the same message. Young people, especially in communities of color, should know, for sure, that they are valued, loved, and important; their voices matter, and their existence in this world is essential to creating a better one.


Using my voice did not come without a cost. There was always someone, at every level, trying to silence me. When met with confrontation, I remained confident and pushed back with poise. I remembered that I had important things to say, and I was serving as an example to other aspiring leaders looking to impact their communities.


Today, I’m cultivating the next generation of leaders.

My company, Truly POC, helps leaders be the disruptor they want to be. We teach leaders how to advance racial and social equity by attracting, training, and retaining cultural rockstars-- teams that value voice, choice, inclusivity, and their students’ cultural capital. Our training teaches teams to realize their students’ power, opulence, and consciousness; particularly in communities of color because it starts at the very earliest stages of life when people of color and people from marginalized groups are told, consciously and subconsciously, that we do not have value in this world.

Schools should be the space to dream, discover, and wonder. A place to experience challenge, love, protection, and value for who you innately are. Schools should provide learning environments that inspire, empower, and encourage young people. And even when students may be young and inexperienced, they should still be respected. We can’t dismiss their imagination, innovation, and curiosity. It’s literally the secret sauce needed to power our future.




Dr. Fletcher earned her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation from Wilmington University, where her dissertation research was on culturally responsive teaching practices and teacher self-efficacy. She is also a bestselling author on this topic and her book titled IN ALL LANES: Action Steps for New Leaders to Empower Black and Brown Students, Rethink School, and Transform Behavior became a #1 New Release in Education Administration, Higher Education Administration, and Inclusive Teaching Methods on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List on its first day of release!


Dr. Fletcher believes her career is her calling. Her mission for valuing cultural and social inclusivity is very much a part of her life,  as she is the mother of three black children-- with her yougest son having Down syndrome. Dr. Fletcher enjoys volunteering with local and national organizations to support new mothers after learning their child’s disability or diagnosis. When Dr. Fletcher’s not working or spending her time with family, she’s reading a book, redesigning a room in her home, or boxing in the ring at her local gym.


If you believe it’s time we rethink school, join her mission to build cultural responsibility in our homes, schools, and communities. Dr. Taryn resides in Wilmington, Delaware, with her husband and three children.




A world where Black and Brown students disproportionately represent in AP (Advanced Placement) classrooms instead of BD (Behavior Disorder) classrooms.


Where Black and Brown students are in critical leadership roles because they are seeking leadership and being sought after to lead.


Where schools teach the truth— the world’s full, rich, and unedited story with America’s triumphs and tragedies. Instead of stories saturated with labels and only parts of a story that dumb-it-down for our youth.


It’s time for marginalized students everywhere to be unafraid, to push back on ideas that put them in a box, and to eliminate policy standing in the way of their future and their power.








- Dr. Taryn Fletcher

Where our youth walk confidently into any room and are themselves. Not having to earn kindness, respect, rest, or the benefit of the doubt. Instead getting it on-demand.


Where teachers and staff model respect and value for their students’ cultural identities. Where instruction is designed to credit and honor the contributions of Black and Brown communities, everywhere.


The time is now to redefine what it means to be a Person of Color (POC)— no longer meaning born into marginalization, poverty, and environmental strife and then assigned a statistic at birth. Instead being known for our cultural opulence and ingenuity, our rich roots in efficiency and sustainability, and our innate problem solving abilities that have been copied over and over again, as our most true legacy coming into this world.


The time is now for big and bold leadership and it starts with the passing of power to our Black and Brown students, to our LGBTQIA+ youth, and to every young person from every corner of this globe who wants freedom from hiding and conforming to meet the expectations of traditional and white-dominant culture.




So, get ready. Get ready for diverse leadership that creates conscious innovations and out-of-this-world advancements. A future with cultural kindness and worthiness for every human, well paid, empowered and efficient communities that develop a world we’ve never experienced before.